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I opened the door (for others) to Winslow Ct. Studio waaaaaaaaay back over 20 years ago.  It was a decision that initiated the journey of becoming a self taught producer/sound engineer and dare I say business owner... a new business owner no less and  located in the heart of the most heavily saturated recording studio market on Earth... Central Hollywood California.

Being located in a 100 year old acoustically designed historic studio (with parking) sure didn't hurt and the path came with many unexpected blessings (some haunted) but undoubtedly it's been the many talented artists, 100's of albums and 1000's of sessions that made it all oh so enriching. 

Some industry highlights worth mentioning (not for boast but for scope) would be my personal 2017 nomination for a Latin GRAMMY award as well as getting to contribute to 6 other GRAMMY nominated projects (to date) with 2 wins. One album that was nominated for best Blues album , Dave & Phil Alvin's " Common Ground " I recorded, mixed & co produced as well as a #1 & #2 record on the Billboard top 100 " Blues " charts. I recorded Latin GRAMMY winner Gaby Moreno's lead vocal on " Fuiste tu " a #1 single on Billboard's top 100 " Latin " chart that was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year at the 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. I recorded over 300 titles with Jack Tempchin (writer of Slow Dancing & Peaceful Easy Feeling & oh soooo many others). I've mixed several vintage recordings for musical icon & GRAMMY winner Frank Zappa as well as mixed and mastered 2 (2017/2018) Box-Sets worth of live Frank Zappa concerts. Another contribution worth mentioning would be my logging of 800 hours for GRAMMY winner Dweezil Zappa's Via Zammata album. (that's like fulfilling multiple masters degree requirements for just that 1 single project alone) Crazy!  And the last thing that I'll mention here now is that I just actually finished my 11th record with the GRAMMY winning artist Dave Alvin. 11th record!  I can say, I am most honored to have done 11 records with anybody let alone a badass like Dave Alvin.

I could go on & on as I'm sure you could too. The point is, I've been versatile ly blessed by direct proximity experience and you need to know that.


Working with accomplished artists & industry greats of varying styles from all over the world is indeed my character and I am responsible for my contributions.

I thank every single person that I have ever had the privilege of working with. Every one!


Thank you!



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